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Conf-IRM 2018: Call for Paper for the Track ICT in Government, Healthcare and Education 


We are pleased to announce the CFP for the track on “ICT in Government, Healthcare and Education” at the 2018 International Conference on Information Resources Management Conf-IRM (4-6 June 2018, University of Nottingham, Ningbo, China).
Advancements in information and communication technologies (ICTs) have brought about pervasive impacts on the society. Among which, the adoption of ICTs by national administrations to deliver public services has long been recognized as central to supporting higher quality provision of services, expanded engagement with citizens and other stakeholders, and better policy outcomes. The thrust of e-government is the re-invention of government services through ICTs. The new organizational model whose foundations lie in ICTs can support new ways of thinking and working in the public administration. Equally important is the use of ICTs for the provision of healthcare and education services. The provision of healthcare services in a networked society means that ICT mediates healthcare professionals’ interaction with each other and their patients. Yet, the question of how these networks are formed needs to be understood. Similarly, technology presents many opportunities for teaching and learning, but these must be critically understood within complex political, cultural and social systems. ICT-supported services to the public, including government, healthcare and education cover diverse situations ranging from very sophisticated (for example, in hospitals) to basic services (usually in resource-restricted communities); from complex systems to mobile applications; from highly collaborative use to individual use; and the like. Furthermore, citizens are becoming increasingly more empowered with becoming custodians of their own personal data and in obtaining personalized services. This has resulted in more challenges regarding access to personal data, the issue of privacy, access to un-moderated information, etc., on which research is needed.
We invite submissions with a focus on, without being limited to, the following topics:
− E-Strategy and e-service models in the public sector
− Integrated Information Infrastructures and cloud computing in the public sector
− Telehealth, eHealth, Mobile Health, and Electronic Medical Records
− The use of ICT in the delivery of patient-centered care
− Legal and ethical issues about data protection and privacy
− E-Learning, life-long learning and MOOCs
− The impact, opportunities, and challenges of technology-enhanced teaching and learning
− E-government, transparency, and corruption
− The impact of the digital divide on public services, healthcare, and education
− The influence of societal, political, and economic issues on the ICT-enabled provision of public services, healthcare, and education
− The use of data analytics to improve the provision of government services, healthcare, and education 
− The role of social media in education, healthcare, and government services
− The role of eParticipation to improve citizen’s access and involvement in  public decisions 


The Track Chairs

Roberta Bernardi, Royal Holloway University, UK
Aurora Sanchez, Universidad Católica del Norte, Chile
Cheewei Phang, Fudan University, China

2018 International Conference on Information Resources Management Conf-IRM is an AIS Affiliated Conference -    

Theme: Addressing Global Challenges through Digital Transformation June 4-6, 2018 - Hosted by the University of Nottingham Ningbo China.


Professor Suprateek Sarker, University of Virginia, USA (EiC of JAIS)
Professor Viswanath Venkatesh, University of Arkansas (SE of MISQ)


Submission deadline: January 19, 2018;
Notification of submission decision: March 2, 2018;
Final submission due date for accepted papers: March 20, 2018;
Early registration deadline: April 10, 2018


A Paper Development Workshop (PDW) is being planned. This will be in a round-table format. Selected papers from the conference will be invited to participate in the PDW. So far, a number of senior scholars have agreed to be mentors, including:

Professor Suprateek Sarker, University of Virginia, USA
Professor Viswanath Venkatesh, University of Arkansas, USA
Professor Anol Bhattacherjee, University of South Florida, USA
Professor Sean Xin Xu, Tshinghua University, China
Professor Justin Zhang, State University of New York, USA

Selected papers will be invited to submit to fast track or special issue of the following SSCI/SCI/Scopus indexed journals:

Information & Management (Special issue planned)
Pacific Asian Journal of the AIS (Special issue planned)
Data Base for Advances in Information Systems
Internet Research
Industrial Management & Data Systems
Journal of Global Information Management

SUBMISSIONS SYSTEM - Deadline 19 January 2018:

Details of Tracks and Guidelines for Authors, please see:

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